Purawipe: Dura-White

DURA-WHITE is the “go-to” wipe for the printing industry, offering excellent performance and value for manual cleaning of printing blankets and rollers. This is our strongest, highly durable, effective industrial cleaning wipe in the range. “DURA WHITE” is very low linting making it suitable for a wide range of industrial cleaning applications, including cleaning machinery, tools parts and surfaces.

Product Features:
  • Extremely durable
  • Suitable for a wide range of industries
  • Very low linting
  • High absorbency
  • Soft & Smooth texture
  • Chemical & Solvent Resistant
  • Silicone-free & HACCP compliant
Available in
  • 2 x 400 sheet roll packs
  • Boxed quarter folder sheets (625 sheets)

Purawipe: Maxi Wipe Pro

Maxi Wipe Pro is our heaviest weight wipe in the range. It’s an ideal alternative to Nubtex and is extremely strong but soft and will not scratch surfaces. Suitable for a wide range of industries and manufacturing applications.

Product Features:
  • Extremely strong
  • Very low linting
  • Textured surface, highly effective collecting inks, oils, grime and dirt
  • Very high absorbency
  • Chemical & solvent compatible & resistant
Available in
  • In a roll of 390 perforated sheets
  • All sheets are white and sized 30cm x 39cm

Sontra: Turquoise Smooth

The Sontara® Turquoise Smooth (STS66) is very low-linting, so it will not leave residue fibres behind on surfaces. The soft and smooth texture ensures effective dust and dirt pick-up as well as excellent absorbency of grease and oil. These wipes are strong, durable, solvent and chemical resistant. Plus, they contain no chemical binders.

Available in
  • A roll of 400 perforated wipes (800 wipes per unit)
  • 2 rolls per pack (price is per 2 rolls)
  • Sheet size is 28cm x 38cm

Ink Eezy Wipes from Intuprint

Ink Eezy’s Pro Wipes

Multi-purpose, pre-moistened industrial wipes. Effectively removes inks, adhesives and sealants from hands, tools and surfaces, fast-drying formula.  Smooth surface and non-abrasive.

Available in
  • Tubs of 150 sheets

Ink Eezy’s Duo HD Trade Wipes

Heavy-duty pre-moistened wipes with a revolutionary dual-surface design, smooth one side and rough the other side to offer full versatility.  Kind to hands and effectively removes inks, adhesives, oils and greases from hands or surfaces.

Available in
  • Tubs of 80 sheets

ORB Tech Wipes

Perfect for a manual blanket and roller cleaning on press. This wipe is low linting and tough and sized 30X36cm.

Available in
  • 400 sheets per roll

ORB Tech Wipes Flexi Box

Perfect for a manual blanket and roller cleaning on press. This wipe is low-linting and tough and sized 30X43cm.

Available in
  • Tubs of 80 sheets
  • Box of 200

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