Packing Solutions

Blanket Packing

Folex Folabase Soft

Semi-Permanent under packing. The two-layer compound made of dimensionally stable polyester and extremely ductile polyurethane ensures extremely high dimensional stability and stable thickness. The soft polyurethane layer absorbs mechanical forces to ensure good resistance against the paper jam.

Product Features:
  • Paper jam-resistant and crease-resistant/self-healing
  • Helps improve blanket life and reduce press time
  • Promotes consistent print results
  • Polyester-basis/carrier
  • Adhesive (A) or Non-Adhesive (U) versions are available
  • Soft surface finish


Semi-Permanent structural underpacking for printing blankets with high dimensional stability and a ground surface (keeps the thickness Stable). Available in Adhesive or non-adhesive versions.

Product Features:
  • The dimensional stability of Highlander guarantees the complete maintenance of the thickness of all the Pack, ensuring a longer working life than any other system in use today.
  • Highlander is the only underpacking manufactured with the surface totally ground, thus guaranteeing greater durability that is not comparable with any other known system.


FOGRA-approved precision calibrated blanket packing sheets, available in 12 different gauges.  Treated to repel solvent and moisture with anti-slip properties.

Product Features:
  • Treated to repel solvent and moisture
  • Anti-slip
  • Anti-corrosive
  • FOGRA certified

Coat Plate Packing

Folex Folacomp

The FOLACOMP range was specifically developed for use underneath coating plates and offers a wide range of thicknesses of underpacking containing a high percentage of compressible components. The content of smash-sensitive fabrics is considerably reduced compared to conventional compressible rubber underpacking blankets.

A large number of thicknesses available makes it possible to use just one layer of underpacking in combination with the respective Folacoat coating plate. Packings made up of several sheets of paper belong to the past.

Product Features:
  • Compressible foam
  • Polyester-basis/carrier
  • Adhesive light
  • Available in Non-Adhesive (F) and Adhesive Versions (PA & FA)

Royal Undercoat

Royal Undercoat is a structurally stable packing sheet specifically designed for coating plates. A vast range of thicknesses is available that guarantee the best performance of the coating plates or coating blankets for coating units.

Plate Packing

Folex Folabase H48

Uunderpacking Foil, self-adhesive

Folabase H48 is the newest product in the segment of self-adhesive underpacking foils from Folex. Corrosion-inhibiting additives in our Folabase H48 underpacking foil protect the cylinder surface. The foil can be easily applied to almost all cylinders and removed quickly and cleanly with little cleaning effort. The foil’s release film consists of siliconised propylene, preventing wrinkling and avoiding dust inclusion. Given its high resistance to chemical cleaners and solvents, Folabase H48 is characterised by a long service life. The foil demonstrates very good thermal stability on the press.

Product Features:
  • Paper jam-resistant Crease-resistant/self-healing
  • Polyester-basis/carrier
  • Repositionable
  • Compatibility
  • For hard substrate packing
  • For plate cylinder

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