Blanket Washcloth



The high-strength, non-linting fabric construction offers unrivalled performance characteristics suited to withstand the most demanding environments in sheetfed and web applications. The optimised absorbency capacity gives excellent cleaning results, reduced wash times and lower material consumption. We offer the broadest range of material lengths in jumbo and mini-cassette rolls to suit your press and production requirements.

  • Non-linting
  • High tensile strength
  • High tear resistance
  • Optimised absorbency capacity
  • Solvent resistant
  • Low cost per wash ratio
  • Longer mini cassette rolls are available, giving less downtime
  • Free plastic core collection for reuse = less waste & cost
  • Bulk Pallet Boxes Available = less waste & cost
  • No hazardous waste
  • Low volume of disposable waste

CC-HQ  – Cylinder Washcloth

CC- HQ non-woven fabric polyester was specially developed for automatic impression cylinder cleaning systems. CC-HQ smooth surface enhances ink and paper dust removal properties from the impression cylinder. Excellent handling is provided, thanks to high durability and significantly reduced slack. Lint and cloth waste are rarely generated because of excellent abrasion resistance. CC-HQ is even applicable to ceramic cylinders of perfecting presses. This is unique since the surface is so rough it’s a market leader.

  • INNOVATION. The Intuprint Ltd washcloth converter UK leads the industry with an innovative washcloth. Our commitment is to develop and deliver innovative products that improve quality and printing time on press.
  • TECHNOLOGY CC-HQ Washcloth is produced with the most advanced production technique available and is the next generation in Washcloths.
  • RELIABILITY The consistency and quality of our new CC-HQ Washcloths and improved control give a superior result on press.
  • VALUE Improvements provided by Intuprint’s CC-HQ improve production time and reduce press downtimes.
  • ECOLOGY CC-HQ Washcloths are another innovation from Intuprint Ltd.



The most complete programme of pre-impregnated washcloth rolls on the market, suitable for all Offset and Web offset machines, available in all sizes and for use with all kinds of inks: CONVENTIONAL, UV, H-UV LED UV, HYBRID, COLDSET and HEATSET.

The unique impregnation manufacturing procedure ensures a perfectly uniform and stable micrometric impregnation on the entire surface of the washcloth throughout each roll, guaranteeing a level of incomparable quality and consistency. The high-quality PRE-TEX® washes guarantee excellent blanket cleaning results.

Extensive technological research and innovation have placed PRETEX firmly as one of the market leaders in global pre-impregnated automatic wash rolls.

  • Washing quality superior to all other systems
  • Ready for use: no preparation is necessary
  • Uniform impregnation, NOT soaked to saturation (immersion)
  • Re-start-up with minimal waste; every other system creates a lot more
  • Micrometric impregnation, no wash on the plate, no fogging
  • Optimization of washing programmes without wasting cloth
  • No loss of wash on the grippers and moving parts of the press
  • Every wash is guaranteed to be perfect in all the printing units
  • Wash times drastically reduced by half, also in the large size presses
  • Vacuum Packed, safe storage, unlimited shelf life


Sontara® PrintMaster washcloth is created for sharp printing. Sontara® is the only nonwoven manufacturer globally that sells specially designed printing cloths for ABC. Available in all widths required by the market, Sontara® PrintMaster is the most versatile washcloth recognized and used by leading ABC systems and machine manufacturers. Sontara PrintMaster has no rival in quality and performance. Engineered for superior washing efficiency: Sontara® PrintMaster is strong, absorbent, low lint and specially engineered for optimal cleaning of printing machines.

Higher print quality
  • Removes ink, paper lint, and solvents
  • Leaves spotless blankets that ensure a high-quality print
Save money
  • Reduces washing cycles, improving productivity
  • Contributes to immediate savings and bottom-line improvement with high-quality print
 Better for the environment
  • Reduces the use of washing consumables and helps to lower the amount of waste created during the washing process
  • Perfect strength resistance when wet or dry Available in Jumbo rolls of 500 mts
  • High strength
  • Low lint
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Higher productivity

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