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about us


In 1965 Tom & Sheila Parr formed a Platemaking and Graphic Arts Company
named Offset Plate Services, supplying the local Sheffield area with an unbeatable
quality and service. Working 18 hours a day for the next 5 years without holidays the company
grew from a workforce of 2 to an expanding company of 20 plus people, enabling them to purchase
products at competitive prices. Out of this bargaining power sprang the idea from Tom that he could
buy and sell on to other local printers he was already delivering to with a thriving platemaking service.
Thus in 1970 Offset Supplies was established, due to a gradual expansion over the next decade
a brand new purpose build distribution centre on Upwell Lane was opened in 1980.
Still going from strength to strength a in house ink mixing facility was introduced in 1991.
Now employing 30 staff, including 6 sales representatives and 6 delivery drivers saw our distribution
area increase to include Lancashire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and of course Yorkshire and
Humberside on a daily basis.
In 1999 a new showroom was built to house the rapid expansion of
Digital printers and equipment we had started to sell.
In 2001 Manchester Litho Supplies were acquired to give us a
distribution centre in the rapidly expanding Northwest of England,
adding to this we also acquired other small distributors to further
enhance our large product range.
2003, This was the year we introduced ORB as our own brand of washes
and plate cleaners.
We are proud to be one of the largest independent print and media
supplies organisation in the UK. Offset Supplies offer the perfect mix of
excellent service, quality and price across our extensive product range.
We are committed to building a mutually beneficial long term relationship
with our customers.
In order to fulfil our customer’s specific needs, we have an extensive
stockholding in our Sheffield distribution centre and a wide range of
equipment available for demonstration in our showroom.



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